Church History

(Selected Highlights)

Leytonstone URC (1827)
+ Fillebrook Baptist (1878)
= Leytonstone United Free Church (1979)

In 1979, as an act of faith that God means His Church to be one, Fillebrook Baptist Church and Leytonstone United Reformed Church (prevously called Leytonstone Congregational Church) took one small step in that direction by joining together.  The new church formed was called Leytonstone United Free Church, a single congregation belonging to both the United Reformed Church and the Baptist Union.

We met first in the halls of the old Baptist Church, but the building was old and not satisfactory, and so eventually we decided to embark on a new building project.

This was made possible largely by the sale of the buildings.  The rest of the cost was made up of generous giving and hard work in fund raising.  A large number of former members of both churches, now living in other parts of the world, were particularly generous.

The New Church Building (1991)

The church building was opened in 1991, but the congregation is much older, resulting from a merger of the Fillebrook Baptist Church (on our current site since 1979) and the Leytonstone Congregational Church (founded in 1827), which had its building on Leytonstone High Road.

Both buildings were very large, designed for the big congregations of the Victorian era.  In the 1960s they were both demolished, and both churches were using rooms that were left.


1980 - Sep 2001: Rev Ray Vincent

Sep 2003 - Jan 2015: Rev Alison Mackay (accepted a unanimous call to the pastorate in December 2002)


The church continues to grow in diversity and numbers. Why not be part of shaping the history we continue to write as we serve God together.

More information can be found about the church history by exploring our Facebook Timeline where you can also post your own memories of our church. For even more details, the Rev Ray Vincent has also written a book about our church history "United and Free: the story of Leytonstone United Free Church, 1979-2004" speak to our administrator if you would like a copy.