Hire the Building

The church was designed for and intended to be used by the community as well as a place of worship. There is a flexible layout to allow the building to be open plan or to have separate meeting rooms and there is also an upstairs hall. This makes it suitable to use for meetings, physical activity, and celebrations. Due to our busy schedule, please be aware that there are limited opportunities for further weekly hires but we welcome all enquiries. The church is fully accessible to those who are disabled and there is a sound loop which covers much of the building as well as a portable sound loop which can be used as a separate system or in areas not covered by the main loop.

A church building is a visible statement about God. It is a sermon that goes on for a very long time! With the help of a patient and creative artist, high quality builders, a skilled stained glass window artist, in consultation with many people in the neighbourhood, and as a result of the prayers and ideas of many members and friends, we prepared this sermon very thoroughly. We now try to be ready for what the Holy Spirit calls and empowers us to do with it.

Hire Cost

Please note that all prices are subject to change and so we always advise that you contact us to discuss charges and requirements.

Price per hour Full rate Charity rate
(20% discount)
Meeting room 1 (Ashville) £15.00 £12.00
Meeting room 2 (Fillebrook) £15.00 £12.00
Meeting room 3 (Howard) £15.00 £12.00
Hall 1 (Upstairs) £30.00 £24.00
Hall 2 (Concourse) £30.00 £24.00
Chapel £30.00 £24.00
Creche (Barclay Room) £20.00 £16.00
Kitchen £10.00 Free
Carpark £10.00 Free
Whole building £140.00 £126.00

A further 10% discount may be available for regular (weekly) hires.


Contact Us

Fiona, our Building and Hire manager, works part time (8 hours a week), so please book in advance where possible.

Fiona's hours (best times to call)
Tuesday 9:30 am - 12.30 pm
Wedensday 9:30 am - 1.00 pm
Thursday 10:00 am - 1.00 pm

Upstairs Hall
Meeting Room 1: Ashville Room
Meeting Room 2: Fillebrook Room
Meeting Room 3: Howard Room
The Creche / Barclay Room
Equipment Hire charges
Hire Rules
Feedback form

Check Existing Hires / Availability for all rooms

There are eight rooms in the church which can be hired. Below shows when each is in regluar use. For an easier to view calendar of a single room please use the sub pages by clicking on the photos above or selecting from the left hand menu.

The calendar below is an indication, please contact us for more up to date availibilty.

Purple: Upstairs Hall

Blue: Concourse

Green: Chapel

Pink/Purple: Meeting Room - Ashville

Orange: Meeting Room - Fillebrook

Yellow: Meeting Room - Howard

Pink: The Creche / Barclay Room

Red: The Kitchen

Enquiry about a room

This is to make an enquiry to book a room and confirmation will follow from the office. No booking is complete without confirmation from the office and a deposit being paid.

Internet room hire enquiry

Please use this form to enquire about booking a room in the church for your event or activity (Please note that the calendar above shows regular hires and is only an indication of availability)

You will be contacted by our Administrator within 7 days to confirm hire conditions, availability, price and to arrange to take a deposit. No bookings are confirmed until this is complete.

  • This person will be the one supervising the activity on the day

  • If this booking is being made by a charity, community group or business please give their name here.

  • If this booking must be on a specific date please list here. If there is some flexibility please give any restrictions or preferences. The more flexible you can be the more likely we will be able to accommodate your booking. When booking the times please include your set up and clear away times into this booking. We expect all users to leave the building as they found it so this may include sweeping or mopping the floors depending on the nature of your event.

  • Please describe the event or activity which this booking is for. Please include running order details if you require different rooms or areas at different times.

  • We may need to see a copy of your insurance certificate

  • We may need to see a copy of your child protection policy to ensure it meets legal requirements.