URC Waltham Group

As part of the URC we are a member of the Waltham Group cluster of churches in this area.

Upcoming Events

A Joint Quiz Night

This event has been postponed until a suitable date can be found for the four chuches. The time will be  3.30 - 6.00pm on a Saturday.

It will be held at Grange Park and organiised by Solomon and Amy

The event will finish with a meal provided by all four churches:

  • Starter - WURAC
  • Main – Grange Park
  • Desert – LUFC
  • Drinks – Trinity

The quiz will be family focussed and child friendly. All the churches will confirm this date with Solomon and start advertising this great event.

Past events from this year

Trinity – Leading Worship training led by Dereck - Saturday 22 Feb 10.30-4.00. inc. Lunch


Open Area Forum meeting - 8 March, 9.30 - 12.30 - Chingford URC

A chance to find out what is being discussed by Thames North Synod.


Joint Lent Bible Study

Led by John Campbell is known to many in the URC as a biblical scholar and the former principal of the URC’s Northern College in Manchester. He is now both minister of High Cross URC in Tottenham and one of two Urban URC Network ministers across London. He seeks to bring a refreshing outlook to Bible study that should leave us with much food for thought.

12 March  7.30 - Trinity: Which God will we serve? – Joshua 24.

A shared look at Joshua 24 and Joshua’s challenge to ‘choose which God you will serve’. What does this say to us in London today? How does it work in this fast-changing, multi-cultural and multi-faith city?

19 March 7.30 - LUFC: Finding God for Ourselves – Psalm 73

A shared exploration of the spiritual journey taken in Psalm 73. Why is it special? Does it still work for each of us today in our very different world here in London?

26 March 7.30 - Grange Park: How do we serve Jesus? – Luke 10.38-42

We look together at a dozen different interpretations of the story of Jesus, Martha & Mary (Luke 10). Will they help us to make sense of this story for ourselves, now?

02 April 7.30 - WAURC: Gospel then and now – Galatians 3.28

We look together at Galatians 3.28; ‘There is no longer Jew or Greek, slave or free, male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus’. What does this mean for us today in our diverse city? Does it matter that past generations may have heard it differently?

Elders Training - 24 May 2014, 10am - 1pm at Trinity

This event will be led by Anne Sanderson and will focus on how church leaderships imporve their cross church working. All church leadership are welcome.



Group Profile to appoint a new minister

As a cluster of four churches we currently have one full time minister (Alison at LUFC - employed as a baptist minister) and one part time minister (Shabaz at WURAC). We are seeking to appoint another part time minister to be shared by all four churches but to particularly support Grange Park and Trinity who do not have their own minister currently. We have created a cluster profile which can be downloaded here.

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