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Inclusive: Radical Welcome

We seek to be an open, friendly and inclusive fellowship that offers a ‘radical welcome’ to all. Radical Welcome combines the Christian ministry of welcome and hospitality with a faithful commitment to eliminate historic, systemic barriers that limit the genuine embrace of groups generally marginalized in mainline churches (young adults, the poor, LGBT people, people of colour, and people with disabilities).


In worship we often sing the song ‘Come all you vagabonds’ and feel that these words describe our belief that we are called together as a loving family in this place. As an example of this at a church meeting in September 2014, we voted in favour of registering LUFC as offering same-sex marriage with only two abstentions. 


We won an Eco Congregation Award for 2008 – 2010; we were the second church in London to do so.

Our church has twenty solar-PV panels on the roof not only to reduce our electricity consumption and to provide some income from Feed-In Tariff receipts but also to demonstrate to the community our commitment to care for the environment. We encourage members to cycle to church or use public transport where practical by providing bike racks and information on our website.

We regularly include prayers and intercessions about the environment within worship and take our role as stewards of creation seriously by committing to recycling and monitoring our energy use.

Social Action

We believe in operating as a church with open doors and a congregation rooted in the local community. We are proud of our tradition of involvement in Credit Union, Branches Night Shelter, Home for Good and other initiatives (see Mission section) and want to continue to develop as a church that cares and provides for our neighbours near and far. This is our faith in action, showing love and lifting up God’s people.

We have good communication links with the GP practice next door, The Allum Medical Centre.

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