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May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you, O LORD

The people are the church!

We would all agree that whatever we do it must not harm other people and if we love the world and it’s people we would not wish them any harm.

Don’t give up

Remember, Life doesn’t happen to us, it happens for us, don’t give up. God has got your back.

Be someone’s strength, be someone’s inspiration, be someone’s reason to never give up.

He Is Risen

Today, our Jesus has risen - we are resurrected, we are given new life - we are reborn; a new creature in Christ. Let us today accept our liberation from sin and death, and step out born again of The Spirit in Christ because He paid the price for us, forever.

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday, probably the most solemn day in the Christian calendar yet we still call it good. This is because though the events of the day we remember today are dark, the significance of that which occurred ultimately ended up for the good of all people.

Palm Sunday

Our relationship with God should not be one of boom and bust. Rather than shouting "Hosanna "one minute, then screaming “Crucify Him!” the next, contentment is found by learning to live with God, by accepting what he sends our way.

Unless a grain of wheat falls

You are full of amazing potential. Looking at John 12: 20-33 we look at how that is released.

Mothering Sunday

It should probably be Mother’s Day 365 days a year to pay tribute to how awesome they and carers are, it’s good to have a day like this to put mothers in the spotlight.

Signs, Wisdom or Faith

Simon reflects on themes connecting the short comings of just searching for miraculous signs or relying on human wisdom, and contrasts these with the true way of the cross.

Following Jesus - take up your cross and follow me

Jesus is the new covenant, a covenant sealed with blood and Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross. Today we are going to reflect on Mark Chapter 8 where Jesus tells us to “take up your cross and follow me”


The theme for today is Covenant. During this Lenten season, we reflect on our relationship with God, the promises he set out for us, and the fulfilment of those promises.

Love God, Love His Creation

Today we are going to ask you to think about the world in which we live and our place in the scheme of things. Psalm 128 is the inspiration for this week's reflections.

The authority of the creator

It is the fourth Sunday after Epiphany and the theme for today is 'The authority of the creator'. The readings are from Psalm 111 and the Gospel of Mark.


We often produce content which may be recordings of our services, videos or multimedia versions of our Sunday Worship to share with those who are unable to make it to church on a Sunday. Feel free to look through what we have posted here and let us know if there is anything that particularly touches you!  

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