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  • Donna Joseph

Jesus Knew......

Jesus knew......but Judas ate too.

American Baptist Pastor Nic Burleson wrote the following:

"Yet in that room, hours before the death of Jesus, Judas ate too. Jesus fed Judas too. Jesus prayed for Judas too. Jesus washed Judas’ feet too.

I struggle to fathom that kind of love. A love that would feed the mouth that deceived you. A love that would wash the treasonous feet of the traitor. A love that could forgive even the vilest of betrayals.”

Someone commented on this as follows:

Think about this: When Jesus told his disciples that one of them would betray him, they could not figure out who he was talking about! He never treated Judas any differently than anyone else. (Matthew 26:22, Luke 22:21-23, Mark 14:18-19, John 13:21-22)

How much does Jesus love you even when you deny or betray Him? How do you respond to this?

Read the full version of the above here: Jesus Knew, but Judas ate too

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