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Radically Welcoming All Who Seek The Lord

We are an inclusive church seeking to worship God, follow Jesus and love the world.


"We do not discriminate in any way on grounds of age or physical ability, nationality or colour, economic power, gender, sexuality or mental health. We believe in a church that welcomes and serves everyone in the name of Jesus Christ, that is scripturally faithful, seeks to proclaim the Gospel afresh for each generation, and in the power of the Holy Spirit allows all people to grasp how wide and long, and high and deep is the love of God."

Leytonstone United Free Church


If worshipping over the past year has reminded us of anything it is that a church is not the building but the people! 


We are now back worshipping in our building as well as at the same time offering the option to connect via Zoom.

We know that things still feel a little different at the moment however now as always we extend an invitation to all to join us, whether it is just the once or as often as you like.


Email us or contact us on our social media links below if your are interested in worshipping with us. 

Catch up with services from the past few weeks or have a taster of our style of worship by following some links below see the contents of some of recent services.
Hero or Villain

Hero of the light or villain of the dark-side; is it clear cut if our leaders are all good or all bad? Today we read about King David committing what we must see as a dark deed. It is a story of betrayal and abuse of power by a King who was looked up to as a great man in his public life. In his private life, however, he was not so scrupulous.

Division & Unity

Where are our shepherds today? In fact, who are our shepherds in this day and age? How are they doing? Can we trust them? Do they try to bring harmony for the good of all or do they fuel divisions and seek to benefit themselves. These are not new questions for they have been asked for many generations as we will find out today.

Whose Rules Rule?

Today we learn how the prophet Amos gets into trouble as his prophecies displease the ruling elite.
The message from the Lord is not heeded and shows the tension between the
ruler in heaven and ruler on earth. ‘ Whose rules rule?’

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55 Wallwood Road,
E11 1AY

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10 minutes walk from Leytonstone Underground Station.

Join us online to worship every Sunday from 10.45am via Zoom, we'd love to see you!

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