"Come to me,

all you who labour

and are heavily burdened,

and I will give you rest."

Hero of the light or villain of the dark-side; is it clear cut if our leaders are all good or all bad? Today we read about King David committing what we must see as a dark deed. It is a story of betrayal and abuse of power by a King who was looked up to as a great man in his public life. In his private life, however, he was not so scrupulous.

Where are our shepherds today? In fact, who are our shepherds in this day and age? How are they doing? Can we trust them? Do they try to bring harmony for the good of all or do they fuel divisions and seek to benefit themselves. These are not new questions for they have been asked for many generations as we will find out today.

Today we learn how the prophet Amos gets into trouble as his prophecies displease the ruling elite.
The message from the Lord is not heeded and shows the tension between the
ruler in heaven and ruler on earth. ‘ Whose rules rule?’